Are we close?

I thought we were close. Have you ever been in a friendship or relationship and feel like you were with them but they werent with you? Like he/she was your friend but you a stranger to them? You sit back and think, I thought we were close? Yea, tragic! Close can mean so many things, […]

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Syllabus: 90 Day Devotional on Self-Improvement will be available July 27th, 2020 on Amazon I expected… That’s my problem, I expected. I expected to be loved the way I loved you. I expected to be fought for like I’ve fought for you. I expected for you to be the bigger person because I was the […]

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My Virtual Gradation is tomorrow! And I could not be more proud of myself. I’m officially a graduate. Ya me! Not only did I graduate from college with a Marketing Degree but in almost all aspects of my life. Blogger/Vlogger – Author Working Class – Entrepreneur College Students – Graduate Pizza every week – Pizza […]

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