Our Golden Mic is a blog and vlog for everyone. We post verse and quote of the day, life lessons, how to’s, and advertise businesses.
The meanings:
Mic- an instrument capable of transforming sound waves in charges in electric currents or voltage.
Gold- wisdom, understanding, inspiring, knowledge, spiritual deep understanding of self, wealth, and success.
Our- belonging to.
I’m placing this Gold Mic in your hand, giving you the opportunity for your voice to be heard and know they will listen.
A little back story, I started this blog because I had a lot to say, writing it down wasn’t good enough for me. My escape use to be a church were I started a young adults group. There, I was able to teach on the lessons taught to me by life. I was able to create, do and say anything that was in line with God. When leaving that church I started to get backed up and had no outlet.
It’s something about a mic that means a lot to me. With me getting on stage preaching a few times and my brother who use to be a famous rapper in Trinidad, who passed away, we are completely different people with a mic in our hands. Gold was my brothers favorite color and has a powerful meaning.
Giving the gold mic to the next person shows them that their thoughts, their ideas, their passion is made of gold. Share it with the world.