Church Hurt

I could not sleep the other day, literally stayed up until 4 am writing.

Let me tell you this story.

I love to dance, miming is one of my many passions. I’ve done all types of dancing but haven’t in awhile and wanted to get back into it. I asked the dance leader if I could be a part of there miming since I’ve done praise and worhship with them before.

The response was not a yes nor a no. She was suppose to get in contact with me about watching a reherseal so I could observe. I understand not jumping right into something. Like a good manager coming into a new company, you see everyones strengths and weaknesses, and see where you’re needed and move accordingly.

They took me for some joke or rookie like I’ve never been a part of a group before. I didn’t hear anything back from her but they danced that Sunday. So much anger came upon me and I literally broke down and cried. How could they take that from me? How could they not give me a chance to show God how I appreciate Him? I would have understood if she said not this time, maybe tryouts. To have no form of communication is worst than saying no.

My mom tried to calm me down but I was ready to go off. They finished dancing and I tell mom I’m going to the bathroom, she said dont start nothing. Not caring what just came out of her mouth and feel like I’m bout to black out, I walk to the bathroom to clear my head and wipe my face. I looked in the mirror, took deep breaths and started walking back to my seat. When I walked out, the dancers walked in and I said…

What do you think happened next?

4 thoughts on “Church Hurt

  1. I think you said “great job” because you’re a nice person, but you were really thinking the dance would have been better if you were on the team!!!


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