Dear Husband,

Dear Husband, 

As of today, I am a mess. I can’t cook yet, my house is not always clean. I’m improving on time management. My hair may be a mess some days. If an opportunity comes, I may throw some sweats on and a hoodie with my hair still braided up and run to Walmart.

I’m a sucker for a DJ, good music and a dance floor. I am Type A. My communication skills are a work in progress, but it’s better than it was yesterday. I tend to put others before me but literally 18 hours ago, I made a plan to put myself higher on my to do list. 

I’m not perfect but God is still working in me. He’s still molding me to be the Queen He made me to be before I was in my mother’s womb. So hold on to the Lord as I am until He presents me to you. 


Your Wife.

Published by Asantee A.E.

Life Goal: Finish what I started. Life Scripture: Matthew 6:33

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