How to properly grieve.

Dealing with the loss of my older brother is not easy. He was my best friend, the one I called to talk about everything and anything with. It’s been 6 years since he went home but it’s two specific days that hit me the hardest every year. His birthday and the day he passed. 

I’ve done all the necessary things to try to cope with the pain. Here’s a few steps that worked for me with the help of Jesus, and Mr Ty who started a grieve and loss support group.

1. Change your perspective.

I said- my brother left me.

Changed to- He went home and now no longer in pain.

I said- this is the day he died

Changed to- this is the day God said, you will no longer suffer.

I would- cry because it is nothing in this world like a brothers love. I will never be called a little sister again.

What I do- what an honor it was to be called a little sister. To get the chance to experience a beautiful love from my only older brother.

Published by Asantee A.E.

Life Goal: Finish what I started. Life Scripture: Matthew 6:33

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